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Patient Testimonials

  • Great environment , experienced doctors , perfect place to heal yourself .

    Bhavna Agarwal

  • Best People and such an awesome place with Positive Vibes!! Definitely, NYC is lucky to have them. As soon as you step in, you feel incredible care and professionalism. Certainly, My favorite one and would highly recommend to everyone..Fantastic!!

    Vineeta Thakkar

  • I am under observation Dr .Sunny. my pain gone. all staff mamer so cooperative. I recomandate every one. NY one of the perfect rehab center. Thank you

    Vivek Raval

  • I’ve used the massage, chiropractor and Physio therapy services here for the last three months. They work in tandem and keep you informed of what they are expecting to see. They are friendly and so asking questions or expressing concerns does not feel awkward. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    Archana Rao

  • Friendly & super positive environment. NY Rehab Experts has an amazing team of professionals. They have helped me make improvements and I am recovering after my ankle surgery. Highly recommend!

    Mick Arieta

  • Very patient-oriented!

    Nicole H.

  • Sunny and his team are amazing. I highly recommend them.

    Jasmine J.

  • I had a truly wonderful experience at my appointment and I look forward to going back. There was no wait at all and the entire staff was helpful and full of positive energy. They all really seem to be fully invested in the wellbeing and happiness of all their clients and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for anything in this field.

    Esther S.

  • Sunny and his staff are top-notch professionals. I love the fact that the entire team is co-located in one area to enhance the rehabilitation experience. In one visit you will potentially visit the massage therapist, chiropractor, and physical therapist depending on the treatment Sunny recommends for you. As a plus, everyone is extremely friendly and kind. Thanks Sunny!

    Frank M.

  • Sunny is a highly skilled professional. I’ve felt very comfortable with my trips to his office, and I highly recommend his office to anyone researching physical therapists. He follows a holistic approach to treating his patients, and in the West, the term “holistic” can sometimes connote a psuedo-science approach to treatment. I would like to avail prospective patients of any fears of this possibility. Sunny’s holistic approach simply means that his office is staffed by a variety of professionals (e.g. chiropractor, nurse practitioner, etc.) who all work together, combining their medical acumen, to make the best recommendation for their client’s interest. Sunny is a dedicated professional, and I am very happy that I found him (through ZocDoc!).

    Anupam C.

  • 7/2/2014 Because my review is so positive, I wanted to clarify that I can be very opinionated and not all of my reviews are so positive! I whole-heartedly recommend this team. I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy 18 months ago and have regularly worked with 6 physical therapists over that time span. Some weren’t great, others tried hard and others were good, but I can’t say enough positive things about Sunny and his team. I love: – holistic approach, both seeking natural remedies as well as considering your total health and entire body – appointments are efficient and you can meet with the physical therapist, chiropractor, masseuse, nurse practitioner and podiatrist – as many as needed, all in one location and in an efficient, rotational way – Sunny, the physical therapist, has been able to answer and explain so many things about my rare form of muscular dystrophy – much of which he researched after meeting with me, wanting to help me as much as possible. He has also been able to figure out what has been causing many of my pains AND has found ways to remedy or at least lessen the pain. I have been working with him regularly for a month now and have seen more progress than I saw with all of my other physical therapists over the last 18 months. His understanding has been so quick and helpful that I wonder how some of these things were not noticed or brought up by my previous therapists. While I don’t write many reviews (yet always have an opinion), I had to write this review because Sunny and his team have helped me so much and I hope anyone looking for a physical therapist or any of their other services will go here. I am sure their expectations will be exceeded.

    Curtis C.

  • I found the practice to be really disorganised and I left without feeling like I had been treated properly.

    Charlotte B.

  • Wonderful guy. Very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.

    Mark G.

  • Sunny is an excellent Physical Therapist, and the office has many other great specialists too. He tailors care to meet your individual needs. He also takes the time to explain different therapy techniques so that you can better understand your care and progress.

    Meghan K.

  • I love the people who work here, they feel like my family. Very positive energy and excellent care. They have helped me so much with ankle and neck pain. Their treatment is very comprehensive, thorough, and compassionate.

    Gaia F.

  • The staff was courteous and helpful. Mr. Thakkar was very thorough in his examination and straightforward in his assessment of my condition. I really appreciate that he and the members of his team take a holistic approach to treating patients. I’m looking forward to working with them over the next several months.

    Rachelle M.

  • Amazing! I’ve seen 2 chiro’s 1 PT and 3 massage therapists with no relief… Sunny relieved my pain after a throrough consultation in under 30 minutes. I will be back!

    Steven L.

  • Sunny was really kind and helpful, such a great guy!!!

    Giavanna P.

  • My son thought he was great, he described very clearly his condition and how to go about receiving treatment.

    Romahn S.

  • I was taking my son. Initial appointment was good then we were moved to other physician in the practice without being told. When I complained that we needed to be informed if there was to be a change in physician they dumped us…. thanks a lot for not very processional service guys.

    Romahn S.

  • I’ve had chronic lower back and shoulder tightness and pain off and on for over 20 years. I’ve tried chiropractic care occasionally when things got really bad, but after a while things would get bad all over again. When I tried this practice, I didn’t know what to expect. I was to try getting an assessment on my posture. Turns out my posture was not aligned properly, with my head angled out in front of my shoulders – probably from 20 years working at a computer all day! Anyway I have been going there twice a week for around 3 months now. Sunny really explains the science of it well, and it all makes sense to me. Sam has been great helping me with physical therapy at every session. The holistic approach of the physical therapy (stretching and strengthening the muscles), combined with the chiropractic adjustments has relieved my pain and tightness, and my posture has improved as well. I have also been recommended exercises and stretches to do on my own to maintain the muscles on a daily basis. It’s all about the muscles!!! Many of us work at computers all day every day and we start to develop poor posture habits without even realizing it. I believe it can lead to other health problems. I highly recommend to anyone to check this place out and see what you can do to prevent further muscle and posture problems before they get really bad and seriously impact your quality of life.

    Sonu T.

  • Sunny Thakkar is a great therapist. I was seen shortly after I arrived. The whole staff is so wonderful and attentive. Sunny was very informative in explaining and educated myself on the treatment.

    Jyoti K.

  • Excellent visit… Great therapist.. Very knowledgeable… Going back for sure…

    Vineeta T.

  • I had to do physical therapy for many months due to interrelated sports injuries. The Transformative team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant to interact with; much to my surprise, I actually had fun going to physical therapy! I was impressed with the staff’s generosity and what I took to be everyone’s sincere dedication to their patients’ well-being. I had an excellent experience with Sunny and the entire staff. They’re friendly, professional, and super effective. Highly recommended!

    John N.

  • Transformative Health well deserved for 5 stars (wish more than this). From the front to the back, everyone is caring, compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable. I instantly felt at home here. Best of all, I feel none of the pain I did prior to my treatment plan and I was educated along the way as to how to better condition my body for the long term. I have been to few clinics but Sunny is best PT i have ever consulted! Highly recommended.

    John N.

  • Transformative medical health performs up to their recommendations and beyond. I can’t imagine a better physical therapist and staff anywhere in the downtown. Transformative has been meticulous in measuring and recording my physical capability and provided me with a well design course of therapy. I have made slow, but steady progress recovering from a interrelated sports injuries. The clinic is clean, well organized, and the staff have been most helpful and accommodating. I especially like their early hours, so I can get my therapy done early in the day and not miss much of my productive working hours. If you are serious about healing and resuming your lifestyle, you need to get yourself over to Transformative medical health. I’m glad I did!

    Verified Patient

  • Very thorough examination, and accurate evaluation. I am looking forward to working with the staff here. They are a one stop shop to good health. They provide healthcare literally from head to toe.

    Ashurah G.

  • I have been attending this clinic for over a year and Sunny has been my physical therapist for most of that time. I suffer from a chronic back condition due to sports injuries which requires frequent treatment and therapy. Sunny has not only provided me excellent care and relief for my injuries but provided an invaluable service and advise on how to improve my physical health through a set of remedial exercises. Sunny has that rare gift of combining the utmost professionalism with a great sense of humor and that unique human touch. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I loved his new concept of Posture correction and corrective care which includes teamwork and I love every one at Transformative Health. They all are like my family now…

    Niket S.

  • Sunny were excellent! I had started with a different facility with a therapist who didn’t seem to care about me at all, just treated me like a number and didn’t seem to know what she was doing or how to treat my injury and actually made me worse. When I came to Sunny, I immediately felt at ease and my injury started getting better from the start. Sunny asked about what my goals were, explained the expected time frame of treatment and explained each exercise. Sunny told me what to expect before and after sessions and also asked about how I was feeling outside of sessions. I got back to running within a couple of months and now feel great!!!

    Verified Patient

  • Sunny Thakkar is an excellent PT, who values his patients highly. I was refer to him by my doctor after foot surgery. When I first arrived at Sunny Thakkar practice I was literally crawling. On top of that depress and starting to regret having this foot procedure done to me because I’m an active/competitive individual who enjoys doing sports on a daily basis and this surgery sideline me. I personally believe that Sunny Thakkar saw both the physical and emotional pain I was experiencing because from the first day he reassure me that everything will be ok, and that I would be back on my feet in no time. It has been 3 weeks since my first visit with Sunny Thakkar and I can say I’m no longer crawling but walking. I’m still not done seeing him but I’m pretty sure that in a couple of weeks I will be running and jumping all over the place again. I also want to give credit to his staff. For example, Merra his assistance. She is just like Sunny Thakkar: passionate and dedicated. Thank you Sunny Thakkar, Merra and other staff members I’m truly grateful for all of you.

    Kelvin M.

  • Extremely professional and caring. I found Sunny to be more knowledgeable than some of the doctors I went to visit. I recommend several of my friends to see Mr. Sunny and they can’t stop thanking me. Mr. Sunny changed my friend’s life with PT, three doctors wanted to operate on him and with sunny’s treatment my friend is back to work and pain free. Sunny is truly the best PT in the Manhattan Area…. Awesome !!!

    Verified Patient

  • Sunny and his staff are fantastic. Unlike many other physical therapists, Sunny listens and very dedicated to helping people feel better. I highly recommend Sunny and his team.

    Verified Patient

  • Doctor is very friendly and takes his time to listen to patients. I value his professional opinion and feel at ease for every visit. Overall staff is really good and wait time is almost none.

    Sukesha P.

  • Sunny and his team are exceptional. I have been going to Sunny for 3 months following an ankle injury (torn ligaments). He created a personalized plan for me that increasing my healing and strengthened my supporting muscles. I was quickly able to see results and am now back on my feet and am able to return to all of my normal activities. Sunny was always able to make time for me (and the late hours are a huge plus!). His devoted and individualized attention is what sets him apart. I highly recommend going to Sunny.

    Jordan M.

  • I was thrilled to be able to schedule the visit on the weekend. Dr. Thakkar took plenty of time to hear my concerns and provide a thorough examination. Spacious office with efficient staff.

    Jeremy J.

  • Well what can I say ?. The best PT I have ever visited. A very great listener. He paid attention and understood the manner in which I got injury in my right hand. Asked all my questions patiently. Told me some exercises which I can do even while I am in office. I think I would be back to playing ping pong in a month.

    Rutwik G.

  • I had a few sessions with Sunny at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed the service. It was in a convenient location, the treatment was professional and Sunny was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and would be happy to use his services again if they were needed.

    Matthew B.

  • Sunny is very good at identifying the exact reason of the pain. He explained it to me by showing the video of the exact muscle and nerve which was effected and causing pain. He is friendly and the best PT I’ve ever met. Extremely professional and caring 🙂

    Vamshi Reddy M.

  • Sunny and Puja are amazing! Every session is fully used for recover. My back pain gets healed in such a short time which is much beyond my expectation. Sunny just knows everything about my pain and treat it precisely. Highly recommend!

    Yingchao C.

  • Sunny is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I felt very comfortable speaking to him. He was very interested in my case and my personal well-being. He looked at my x-rays and MRIs and reports. He asked for my whole story so he could understand for himself what the issue was. He explained in his own words what was going on and outlined what his solution was. Sunny has a unique approach that involves non-surgical spinal decompression. He is transparent in his approach and very sincere. He is dedicated to helping his patients get better. I was a post-operative herniated disk patient. I went in with pain around a 6 or 7 out of 10 but with Sunny’s help I am down to almost no pain after just 4 months. Thanks to Sunny I am back to being able to play volleyball again.

    Parth V.

  • I have met several physical therapist in NYC for my back problem. From my experience, Sunny’s team is the best!

    Bin M.

  • Sunny was straight to the point and very knowledgable Would gladly recommend him to anyone

    Charlie Mae M.

  • I have been visiting him for the past 3 months for post op (ACL tear) therapy and it has been a great experience. My knee strength has improved a lot and I am already feeling confident about complete recovery. He gives full attention to his patients and for sure knows what he is doing.

    Praveen K.

  • I’ve been going to physical therapy with Sunny for the past few weeks, and for the most part, it was fine. He can be a bit demanding in pushing my physical limits and insisting I go further than I felt comfortable with, but that’s perfectly fine by me. This past week, when I was leaving, I was handed a brochure advertising liposuction and other weight reduction procedures from the receptionist. I thought that quite inappropriate– I hadn’t even been aware that this was something they were offering or that any PTs do so– but I didn’t think further of it. This week, while Sunny was working with me, he was complimenting a woman working on another machine about how much weight she’d lost (she was very skinny), and the whole situation just made me feel uncomfortable. I left without finishing my appointment, in part because of that and in part because Sunny now insisted that I didn’t know how to do an exercise I had been doing (with supervision from him and other PTs in the office) for weeks. I was unsure about how to proceed– until when I got home, I found out that my ZocDoc account has been suspended because the office seemed to have taken retaliatory action by claiming that I had missed appointments when I had not.

    Yi L.

  • Sunny is a great physical therapist. He is very knowledgeable and personable. I had ALS and MLS. After a few weeks of physical therapy, I’m already able to walk.

    Tatiana P.

  • Sunny is an absolute professional and has helped me overcome my severe low back pain complains which my previous physical therapist couldn’t diagnose accurate. . He approaches any and all problems you have in a systematic way and is committed to finding the right health care solution for you. I highly recommend Sunny as a PT as well as the other multiple number of health care providers that work with Sunny including Massage therapist, chiropractor and Acupuncturists. He trully helped me understanding that Low back pain is not the disease but bio mechanics and It can be cured by doing simple ergonomic changes in everyday life can be effectively manageable without using any drugs. The whole staff is stop notch professional and welcoming too.

    Verified Patient

  • Friendly & super positive environment. NY Rehab Experts has an amazing team of professionals. They have helped me make improvements and I am recovering after my ankle surgery. Highly recommend!

    Mick A.

  • Awesome therapist strongly recommend him.

    Parth V.

  • Very pleasant and informative experience.

    Page B.