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About Us

New York Rehab Experts

Acupuncturists, Chiropractors & Physical Therapist located in Financial District, New York, NY & Jersey City, NJ

With three locations in New York City, Jersey City, New Jersey, midtown, union city, newport, tribecca, New York Rehab Experts makes it easy for area residents to get the chiropractic and other treatments they need. The professionals here are widely respected in their areas of expertise, which include a host of chiropractic services, as well as physical therapy and massage therapy.

The team at New York Rehab Experts consists of a diverse group of professionals, all of whom are highly trained in their respective fields. All the chiropractors at the group’s three centers have Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degrees and are licensed in New York, New Jersey or both states to practice chiropractic medicine. Many have additional areas of concentration and advanced certificates. The physical therapists and massage therapists have also completed rigorous programs in either physical therapy or massage therapy and are licensed to practice either physical therapy or massage therapy.

Not only are the providers highly trained in their fields, but they’re also extremely experienced. Collectively, the providers at New York Rehab Experts have seen many patients. They’ve helped both men and women of all ages recover from injuries and illnesses. They’ve also helped many people who weren’t suffering from a particular ailment improve their general health and prevent injuries and illnesses. Many of the patients that the providers have treated recommend them to others in New York City and Jersey City who need chiropractic services, physical therapy or massage therapy.

Because they have so much diverse training and such extensive experience, the providers at New York Rehab Experts can provide many different services. A few of the services they offer at the practice’s three locations include the following:

In addition to these, they also provide other chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy treatments.

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